Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slav Epics

Just a taste of my trip to see Mucha's Slav Epics. They are in the original chateau where he worked on them (because there is no gallery large enough to accommodate them in Prague) and even then its difficult to see them.
 So you can estimate the scale, I got as close to the canvas as I could with the timer on my camera and the booties you have to where to protect the floor trying to trip me. But, the castle itself doesn't appear at all hospitable or like there are anyone's masterpieces housed there. I still need to sort through the pictures of the paintings themselves before I can upload a folder for people to grab. It's on the way. Until then, na zdravi (cheers)!
By the way, this tourist map was the only map I could find of the place, so I'm pretty proud of myself for finding the paintings at all.

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