Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reports of my death...

...will be exaggerated and perpetuated by myself if it means I can stay here. I will find a way. Europe is beautiful. London is crazy crowded. Prague is exceeding all my expectations. I've ventured to see fairy tale towns and out of the way castles and every postcard is not good enough. I have never enjoyed getting lost so much or regretted a lack of fluency in a slav language more. Most Czechs can speak any slav language. Slovak, Russian, Polish, Balkan slav and a bit of German depending on their area/generation. I speak "anglicky" only and make the locals laugh with my pantomimes and butchering of their language. For example, "r" sounds have a z-h-a sound mixed into it. Like a harsh spanish trill. They love their consonants here and will use them all before thinking to buy a vowel.

Tomorrow I leave for Vienna, the following weekend Krakow (pronounced: Krakov here). Pictures will follow this post after this weekend and I have a chance to actually look at them. I leave you with this pulled image of Cesky Krumlov.

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  1. So jealous. You are having far too much fun without me. I wish I were there with you. I'm glad you're having a great time and it's exceeded your expectations! :D