Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snipets and trinkets.

Its just a peek at a new large painting for my independent study. I wanted to "play" with keeping things soft and maintaining  a tighter value/color structure. It turns out that its not "play" at all. But I have a new friend to help me. Juliette Aristides just put out a follow up to her Classical Drawing Atelier that should be placed next to Andrew Loomis in terms of Bible-hood. The title of her most recent amazing-ness in print form is Classical Painting Atelier


  1. It's a nice color palette but at first I couldn't tell what was going on in the image. I could see it was a hand holding something up, and I assumed it was hair but it took a bit to figure out what was there. I think its just a value issue. the skin tones and what she's supported by are so similar its hard to distinguish where the arms end and the support begins. Besides that it's looking really nice! :]

  2. Its still very much a work in progress (in fact I'm taking a break from it now). Also, I only showed you the area that will make me cry the least towards the finish.